Update of Client Suitability Assessment

16 September 2021
Dear Valued Investor/s:
In compliance with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Circular No. 618, please be advised that the Client Suitability Assessment (CSA) that you executed for your UITF account with us is due for updating.  You may update your CSA as follows:
(1)   For accounts enrolled in BPI Online
        Please log on to  Go to the “Investments” tab and click on “Update Risk Profile.” You may then answer the online CSA form by clicking on “Update Profile” found under the “Review Risk Profile” tab. Click HERE for the step-by-step procedure on how to update your risk profile.
(2)   For accounts that are not enrolled in BPI Online
        Please click HERE to download the CSA form, update, print and send to your branch of account. You may also opt to enroll your account in BPI Online and proceed to update your CSA according to item (1) above.
If you do not update your CSA by 24 September 2021, you will be deemed to have confirmed and represented to us that there are no changes in your financial information and preferences and that you are repeating the information and your responses in your latest CSA as of the date hereof.  Accordingly, we will continue to apply the relevant risk profile that shows in your latest CSA for your succeeding investments and transactions.

As a general guide, please refer to the table below for the investment approach that is suitable for each applicable risk profile:




When faced with two investments with a similar expected return (but different risks), a Conservative Investor will prefer an investment with lower risk.  A Conservative Investor dislikes risk and would settle for lower but fixed returns. The overriding concern for each investment is to protect principal amount of investments and earn a steady stream of interest income.

Moderately Conservative

A Moderately Conservative Investor seeks a relatively stable return on investment that is slightly higher than traditional term deposit and is willing to take minor negative fluctuations in returns. This investor usually settles for modest investment growth which might make it difficult to meet long-term goals.

Moderately Aggressive

A Moderately Aggressive Investor seeks a balance between growth in capital and income.   Willing to take negative fluctuations in returns, this investor want to increase the value of his portfolio while protecting their assets from the risk of minor losses.


Growth and earning the highest returns are the main concerns of an Aggressive Investor. He is willing to take negative fluctuations in the value of his investment, including possible loss of initial investment, in anticipation of higher capital returns over time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (02) 8580- AMTC (2682) or send us an email at