International Finance Awards recognizes BPI AMTC as Philippines’ Best Asset Manager

BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation (BPI AMTC), the wealth management arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), was recently recognized by the 2022 International Finance Awards as the Best Asset Manager-Philippines. As a leader in innovation and exemplary fund management in the country, this award has been bestowed to the company for six consecutive years since 2017.
"This recognition inspires us to continue serving the investing public with the best of our abilities. We aim to maintain our position as the most trusted company for investments here in the Philippines.  By adopting the global best practices and exchanging ideas with our offshore partners, we remain committed to sustaining our goal of providing the best investment services to our clients,” said Smith Chua, Chief Investment Officer at BPI AMTC. 
The International Finance Awards assesses fund management companies based on their performance in terms of net profit, assets raised, new funds launched, investor benefits, fund impact, profitability, and quality of market research. The IFA jury noted BPI AMTC’s remarkable performance in 2021, capturing 17% of the market share and with over Php  882 billion in assets under management. 
The International Finance Awards recognizes industry talent, leadership skills, industry net worth and capability on an international platform. After careful consideration of nominations by a qualified selection team, winners are declared on the strength of their application and past accomplishments.
Undisputed Asset Manager
As the largest standalone trust company in the Philippines, BPI AMTC is home to the widest range of unit investment trust funds (UITFs) collectively known as BPI Invest. This year, the company celebrated another milestone as it launched the BPI Invest Sustainable Fund Suite, a new family of funds that invest in companies that adhere to the highest global ESG standards or are directly tied to sustainability projects and other enabling initiatives.
"Organizations who integrate sustainability in their business are likely to experience a more consistent growth and returns over the long term.  This favorable outcome is the product of combining operational efficiency, innovation with a progressive risk management framework that continually responds with care over the welfare of the environment and to the society at large.   In these times of unpredictable climate change and pandemic crisis, investors are becoming more concerned and are expressing very keen interest to invest preferably in companies that demonstrate they are providing goods and services in a responsible and sustainable manner.” says Chua. 
BPI Invest caters to a wide range of clients’ risk appetite, investment horizon and investment objectives. These funds are diversified across the most promising and innovative sectors in the investment space today, offering customized investment solutions that address the financial needs of clients as they hit every major milestone in their life. BPI AMTC remains at the forefront of financial inclusion in the country by making sure that there is a suitable BPI Invest Fund that addresses the unique needs of their clients, wherever they are in their investment journey. To know more about BPI AMTC, visit