Small steps, big changes

Thank you for introducing me to investments!
I have greater accountability for every loss or gain.  I don't feel so bad whenever my investment would encounter dips, and I of course would feel happy whenever the gains are big!  
To share you great news, I have been able to bring up my P20K to almost P70K within just four months!  I hope my investment gets better.  I hope to reach P100K by August or September.
I have also been encouraging my friends in the office to invest.  I'm able to convince them more because I get to tell them how it feels to encounter gains/losses.  Most of my friends have started to clear up their credit card bills, so they can allot their money for investing.
If it were not for you, I would not take on the challenge and just continue to give my earnings to my mom (who, by the way, loves to play with stocks). I told her that if I reach the P100K mark this year, I will get all the investments from her and include everything with mine.
I'm glad that I have started early and encouraged others to do the same.
- Alarise G. Domingo