Investments Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Investments Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A. Overview


1. What is BPI Investments Online?

BPI Investments Online is the country’s first full service digital investment facility that lets you access a comprehensive suite of BPI Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs). It provides an easy and convenient way to:
  • Access information about BPI Invest Funds and Odyssey Funds
  • Place subscription and redemption orders
  • Monitor your investment portfolio and investment history
It is available 24/7 and is free to our customers.

2. Is it safe for me to conduct my banking transactions using BPI Online?

Yes. BPI Online is highly secure. Strong measures are taken to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your financial information. BPI Online requires the use of a User ID and password that you nominate upon enrollment. More so, online banking session is automatically terminated after you have left it idle for 5 minutes.
Access to BPI Online is allowed only through the use of approved browsers. These browsers have the ability to securely communicate online by changing the order of information as it goes through the Internet channel. All communications between your computer and BPI are encrypted using a high-level protocol called Secure Socket Layer (SSL).  Finally, a secure measure is being placed on our side. The information that you send us passes through a firewall. A firewall is a computer program designed to stop unauthorized users from accessing your accounts.
To further boost the security of your PC and online transactions, you can download and install a personal firewall and an anti-virus program. Installing a personal firewall will minimize the risk of exposure to Internet criminals who may reach out over the Internet and retrieve sensitive information from your computer, destroy your personal data, or install a Trojan horse which has the capability of memorizing your key strokes. An anti-virus program will protect you from viruses that lurk on the Internet which may affect your online transactions.



B. On Enrollment


1. What funds can be enrolled in BPI IOL?

BPI Invest Funds Odyssey Funds
Philippine Peso-Denominated Funds
BPI Short Term Fund Odyssey Peso Medium Term Bond Fund
BPI Premium Bond Fund Odyssey Peso Bond Fund
ABF Philippines Bond Index Fund Odyssey Diversified Capital Fund
BPI Balanced Fund Odyssey Diversified Balanced Fund
BPI Equity Value Fund Odyssey Philippine Equity Fund
BPI Philippine High Dividend Equity Fund Odyssey Philippine High Conviction Equity Fund
BPI Philippine Equity Index Fund  
BPI Fixed Income Porfolio Fund-of-Funds  
BPI Philippine Consumer Equity Index Fund  
BPI Philippine Infrastructure Equity Index Fund  
BPI Catholic Values Global Equity Feeder Fund
Global Funds
BPI U.S. Dollar Short Term Fund Odyssey Philippine Dollar Bond Fund
Philippine Dollar Bond Index Fund Odyssey Asia Pacific
High Dividend Equity Fund
BPI Global Bond Fund-of-Funds  
BPI Global Equity Fund-of-Funds  
BPI US Equity Index Feeder Fund  
BPI European Equity Feeder Fund  

*Available directly through BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation.

2. How will I know the account number to be enrolled?

You may get your investment account number from any of the following:
  • Quarterly Financial Statement (QFS) – 15-digit account number below the account address
  • Transaction Advice - 15-digit account number at the right portion of the document
  • Booking branch - where investment account was opened

3. How can I enroll my investment accounts in BPI Online?

By enrolling the investment account directly in your BPI Online account or by instructing your booking branch upon account opening. Click HERE to learn how to enroll your account in BPI Online.

4. What is the turnaround time for my enrollment?

Upon receipt of your complete account opening documents, the turnaround time for your enrollment is 1-3 banking days.

5. What is the maximum number of investment funds that may be enrolled in BPI Online?

You may enroll up to 20 records. To illustrate, if you have 2 investment accounts but with 5 investment funds for each account then you already have 10 enrollments.


C. Viewing and Transaction Processing


1. What are the services that we can avail of from BPI Investments Online?

You can avail of the following services from BPI Investments Online:
  • View Statement of Account, Account Portfolio, and Transaction History
  • Subscribe, Redeem, and Enroll/Amend Regular Subscription Plan (RSP)
  • Request for the receipt of the Transaction Advice via email

2. How far back can I view my transaction history?

You can view up to 180 days from date of inquiry. The default option in BPI Online is 90 days.

3. Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, cancellation of an order transaction is not allowed in BPI Online.

4. If my settlement account has been closed, will my investment account still be viewable in BPI Online?

Yes however, you should nominate an active settlement account to be able to place a subscription or a redemption order online. If you try to place an order using a closed deposit settlement account, you will get an error message and will be prompted to coordinate with your branch of account regarding your deposit settlement account. 

5. I want to buy a BPI Invest Equity Fund online but why is it not included on the list of the funds available for purchase online?

When a fund is not available on the list for your contribution online, it means the fund is not suitable for you based on your risk profile.  Before you process your contribution, you may review and reassess your risk profile.

6. I made an additional subscription/redemption through my BPI Online account, but have yet to receive a confirmation advice in my email. How can I be certain that the transaction took place?

You may check your transaction history in BPI Online. Transaction status will either tell you the funds are allocated or earmarked. If allocated, the funds have already been priced and the amount debited from your settlement account. If earmarked, investment amount has been set aside awaiting actual price of the funds prior to settlement of contribution.

7. I just submitted my Investment Application Forms to a BPI branch. How soon will my Investment Account be opened?

Upon receipt of the complete investment account application documents, the BPI branch will send it to the Head Office for processing. You will receive an email confirmation the day after account opening date to confirm that you can already view and transact using your BPI Online account.

8. How do I remove one of my UITF Investment Accounts from the list of accounts that I can view in my BPI Online account?

We suggest that you retain your UITF investment account among the accounts that you can view so that in the future, you will still have an option to invest in the UITF of your choice through the BPI Express Online platform, hassle free. However, if you wish that your investment account be deleted, kindly send an email to using your BPI EOL registered email address.
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