Latest Industry Trends and Highlights

Latest Industry Trends and Highlights

At BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation, our Research team provides informed insights and thoughtful analyses of the macro-economy and financial markets that serve as the foundation of our investment strategies. Amid the constantly evolving economic landscape and the speed with which financial markets move, we believe our clients need timely information and valuable research on key economic issues to guide their investment decisions.

Our research analysts are responsible for making investment recommendations, which involve the evaluation and recommendation of global and local credits both in the sovereign and corporate spaces, and the analysis of opportunities in equities in local and foreign markets. Supported by substantive equity and fixed income research, our analysts, together with our trading desks, carefully and continuously explore new investment opportunities for our clients.

More importantly, part of the team’s mandate is to express these insights into a language that you, our clients, can understand, and that we hope would add value to you as you make your investment decisions.

Our flagship research reports include:

The Morning View
A rundown of overnight market and economic developments. Available daily, when market opens.

Investment Funds Monitor

A summary of the latest fund prices and performance figures. Available daily.


The Weekly Review
A weekly recap of key economic and market events and insights for the week ahead. Available every Monday.

BPI Asset Management WISE (Weekly Investment Series)

A practical and straightforward discussion of various topics on investment basics and financial planning.


Need help reading the research reports? This guide tries to cut through the financial jargon by explaining the different information found in the reports. Click here to view the guide.
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