An Investment Management Account (IMA) is a flexible fund management arrangement that allows you to diversify your portfolio by gaining access to a wide range of financial instruments that span various asset types.

Through an Investment Management Account, Wealth Management clients benefit from the proven knowledge and expertise of BPI Asset Management.

Behind each account are industry professionals and research analysts equipped with the knowledge, experience and resources to implement investment strategies to meet your financial goals. Financial statements are available online on a 24/7 basis providing clients with regular updates on the value and movements of their investments. As a Wealth Management client, you are likewise assigned a dedicated Investment Counselor who attends to the daily investment requirements of your IMA.

My Portfolio
If investing is new to you, then an IMA consisting purely of BPI-managed Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) and Mutual Funds (MFs) would be a good start. Depending on your risk profile, you will be advised and given options from among various model portfolios that suit varying risk tolerances, investment objectives and investment horizons. MyPortfolio accounts are actively-managed and rebalanced following BPI Asset Management’s outlook of the financial markets.

Management fees in MyPortfolio are waived for as long as the minimum account size is satisfied.

Long-term IMA
Long-tem IMA is an investment management account established pursuant to RA 8424 (Tax Reform Act of 1997) and the BSP implementing memo (dated January 3, 2000), subject to conditions and characteristics that are imposed by regulation to qualify for tax-exemption (BIR Revenue Memorandum Circluar No. 81-2012 dated December 10, 2012).

Long-term IMA is managed by professional fund managers for long-term purposes, the funds of which are invested primarily in available taxable securities so as to achieve the best possible returns. Clients of Long-term IMA can take advantage of the tax-free interest income earned from qualified securities with maturity of at least five (5) years and which are held in the account for at least five (5) years.

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