A good education, they say, is the most precious legacy that we can leave with our children. However, quality education doesn’t come cheap, and is bound to get more expensive in the future.

In fact, one of the top universities in the country raised its basic tuition and miscellaneous fees by 18% over the past five years. Therefore, one cannot overemphasize the value of setting aside money for one's child’s education early on.

With education planning, our Investment Counselors will help you clarify your aspirations for your children and the costs that these dreams entail, even before your kids start attending school. Our Counselors will also help you identify the amount you have to set aside regularly and the investment products that could bring you closer to your goal. As your income rises, you can also increase the amount to be regularly invested in the education plan. As your child approaches college and the use of the funds nears, we can help you rebalance your portfolio to include more low-risk investments.

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