Most people make the mistake of believing that it would take millions to build your wealth. You should realize that there is no better time than to start while you are young. A little bit goes a long way and big things actually start out small. Start preparing for your future and invest now.

You just need to place your money where it could earn higher returns so fulfilling your dreams can come sooner. This is where investments play a key role because they provide you with potentially superior returns.

BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation has the widest array of investment products to choose from, whether you are a conservative or aggressive investor. We have made it more affordable for you to start your first investment so you do not have to defer working on your financial goal.

Since achieving your dreams does not end with just picking the right products, you can also put more discipline into your investments by enrolling into our Regular Subscription Plan which brings you closer to your goal PhP 1,000 at a time!

Our lower investment amounts have also made it possible for you to create an investment portfolio with however little you have saved right now. Asset allocation, which is the process of deciding what percentage of your money goes into different asset classes, will help you significantly minimize your risks while still maximizing your returns so you could easily grow your wealth.

Making sense of all these things, especially when you already have two or more financial goals set out ahead of you, in reality, would require more effort and attention. This is where the value of financial planning and professional fund management comes in. Our Investment Counselors could prepare for you your own financial plan for free! They could also customize an investment portfolio taking all your financial plan details into consideration. More importantly, we could monitor the performance and implementation of this investment portfolio in relation to the goals you’ve set and provide you with reports so you could regularly review your financial plan.

To find out more on how to build and grow your wealth, our Investment Counselors are available for a consultation. Click here to contact us.

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