Investment Funds Frequently Asked Questions

What are BPI Investment Funds?

I want to invest but I have little knowledge. May I know the basics?

BPI Investment Funds are collective investment schemes, wherein we pool the money of different investors and invest it in a diversified portfolio of cash, bond or stock managed by a professional fund manager, providing potentially higher returns than a regular savings.
An investor earns income through the increase of the total market value of the fund.

What is the difference between Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) and Mutual Funds?

A Unit Investment Trust Fund or UITF is an open-ended pooled trust fund operated and administered by a trust entity. This is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). The unit of ownership for UITF is called Net Asset Value per Unit.
On the other hand, Mutual Funds are open-end investment companies that sell their shares of stock to the public and invest the funds gathered from these investors, as one pool, in various investment outlets such as stocks, bonds and short-term money market instruments. Mutual funds are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The unit of ownership for Mutual Fund is called Net Asset Value per Share.

When Should I Invest?

When is the best time to invest?

The best time to invest is always NOW. As we always say, “It is not TIMING the market, but TIME IN the market.” Your investments will work more efficiently if you invest for the long term.

How Can I Invest?

How can I open an investment account?

The following are the requirements in opening an investment account:
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a regular savings account with BPI
  • Must have a valid ID
  • Must have at least Php 10,000 initial investment
Prior to opening an investment account, we also require our clients to take the Client Suitability
Assessment Test.

Having a BPI account (savings) is needed since this is where we will get the money for your initial investment and also the same account which we will credit when you redeem your investments. This will serve as your settlement account.
If you already have a BPI account and the account is enrolled on BPI Express Online
(, kindly follow the step-by-step procedure on how to apply for an
investment fund here.
After accomplishing the account opening forms, you may submit these to any BPI branch nearest you.

What if I'm based abroad?

If you already have a BPI account and the account is enrolled on BPI Express Online
(, kindly follow the step-by-step procedure on how to apply for
an investment fund here.
If you do not have a BPI account, we encourage you to visit the nearest BPI or BPI Family
Savings Bank once you are in the Philippines to accomplish all the necessary forms.

How much do I need to be able to start investing?

No money is too small to start investing which is why we lowered the minimum investment amount of our funds to just Php 10,000.

Can I open an investment account online?

If you already have a BPI savings or checking account enrolled in BPI Express Online
(, kindly follow the step-by-step procedure on how to apply for an
investment fund here.
After accomplishing the account opening forms, you may submit it to any BPI branch nearest to your area.
Once you've enrolled your investment account in BPI Express Online, you can now monitor your
investment 24/7. Moreover, you can subscribe and redeem your investments funds anytime, anywhere.
This is also accessible via the BPI Express Mobile App. You may also check the procedure on how to enroll your investment accounts online here.

How do I know which investment fund is best for me?

We offer different types of investment funds to address the various investing needs of our clients. The investment fund that is most suitable to you depends on your investment goals, liquidity requirements, and risk tolerance.
You can also check out our various investment offerings here.

I want to know the details of investing. Can someone explain to me via phone call or branch visit?

Yes, we have Investment Advisors who can guide you with your investment plans. Just let us know your contact details, preferred time to be called and area/preferred branch.
If you are abroad, you can send an email to

I am willing to mail my application forms to my branch of account or relationship manager, can BPI already process my investment account opening?

As long as the client has a settlement account, BPI can already process the opening of investment account.

Can I open a joint investment account?

Yes, you can open a joint investment account.

Do you have a facility for monthly subscription?

Yes. We have the Regular Subscription Plan (RSP) is a tool that allows you to contribute to your
investment account regularly and automatically on a periodic basis, either monthly or quarterly.

How do I keep track of my investments?

You may enroll your investment to BPI Investments Online (BPI IOL). It is the country's first internet service that lets you access a comprehensive suite of BPI Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs). It provides an easy and convenient way to:
  • Apply for an investment account
  • Access information about BPI Investments Funds
  • Place subscription and redemption orders
  • Monitor your investment portfolio
It is available 24x7 and is free to our customers.
To enroll in BPI Investments Online, click here.

Do you charge client commission/trust fees? If yes, how much?

Yes we charge trust fees and it varies depending on the Investment product.

Do you have a holding period for investments? Can I redeem anytime?

There's no holding period except for BPI US Dollar Income Feeder Fund which is 180 days.

Is this safe? Why is this not insured by PDIC?

Yes it is safe. It is not insured by PDIC because these are not deposit products. Earnings are not assured and principal amount invested is exposed to risk of loss. These products cannot be sold to you unless their benefits and risks have been thoroughly explained.

Is there a minimum investment/hold amount after I open an investment?

Minimum amount to hold after opening an investment is P10,000, which is also the minimum amount in opening an investment.