BPI Investments Online is the country’s first full service online investment facility, enabling clients to enjoy the convenience of initiating investment transactions through the internet anytime, anywhere.
Access portfolio information, explore further opportunities, subscribe to additional funds, and redeem investments at your utmost convenience. To know more about BPI Investments Online, please read this FAQ.
Moreover, you can actually build your wealth easily through the Regular Subscription Plan (RSP). Make scheduled contributions to your investment portfolio for as low as P1,000 or $200 at a time, either monthly or quarterly. For more information on RSP, please read this FAQ.
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For registered EOL users:

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  • Want to order additional units or redeem units online?  Learn how to subscribe or redeem here.
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For non-EOL users:

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With BPI Investments Online, you can see opportunities and seize opportunities, wherever you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.