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Dear UITF Members,
Please be advised that we're having some issues with the domain of the UITF Portal. Meanwhile, you may go to the link below to access the UITF website and homepage.
NAVPU Report. Please refer on below links:
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Investment Funds Monitor - Absolute Returns as of 01.20.2022
1 Percentage change from t-2 prices DoD: Day-on-Day
2 Percentage change from December 27, 2019
3Prices are as of t-2; Percentage change from t-3 prices
4 Formerly BPI Institutional Fund. It is currently available only through the BPI Head Office. 3Yr and 5Yr returns reflect the performance inclusive of the tax-exempt securities. All tax-exempt securities have been disposed of as of July 31, 2013
5 Formerly BPI International Fund Plus
6 Formerly BPI Global Equity Fund
7 Formerly BPI European Equity Index Feeder Fund
8 Formerly BPI Global Philippine Fund
9 Formerly Odyssey Peso Income Fund
10Launched September 1, 2016
11MTD returns since inception
12Launch date: Jan.16, 2017
13Launch date: Dec.16, 2016
14Launch date: May. 22, 2017
15 Launch date: July 20,2018
16 Launch date: August 01,2018
17 Coverted to a multi-class fund starting November 11, 2019
18 Launch date: February 01, 2021
This material, which is strictly for information purposes only, is for your sole use, does not constitute a recommendation or an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any financial product. Any information is subject to change without notice and BPI is not under any obligation to update or keep current the information contained herein. You are advised to make your own independent judgment with respect to the matter contained in this document. No liability whatsoever is accepted for any loss that may arise (whether direct or consequential) from any use of the information contained herein.
All funds managed by BPI Asset Management and affiliates are Trust and/or Investment Management Funds, which do not carry any guarantee of income or principal, and are NOT covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. BPI Investment Funds are valued daily using the marked-to-market method.  
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